Photoshop Fundamentals

Photoshop Fundamentals

Impressions Expo 2024, Long Beach, CA

Saturday, January 20

10:45 am to 12:00 pm

Room: 101A

In the garment decorating industry, it used to be that you had to be an artist, or you had to have access to an artist to create the artwork for you and your production method. Now with AI, anyone can be an artist. But…it’s not that simple. Just because you can quickly and easily create an image using AI, it won’t be production ready, and more than likely, you won’t get the exact image you want. Knowing the fundamentals of Photoshop is still necessary to take that AI image to the finish line so it looks the way you want, and is set up properly for your production method. Follow along with Dane as he provides some Photoshop fundamentals to adjust your image to the proper size and resolution, remove images from flattened backgrounds, and use tools for modifying or combining elements from different AI generated images to create the final design ready for printing.

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