AccuRIP™ Emerald


AccuRIP Emerald Film Printing Software for Screen Printers:

AccuRIP® consistently delivers quality print results, broad printer compatibility, and a top-notch user experience. Witness intuitive functionality and preservation of quality from design to film positive.

Developed by Freehand®, a renowned leader in the screen print industry providing specialized software, premium products, and supportive services for over 40 years.


  • Downloadable AccuRIP® Emerald software for MacOS and Windows
  • Easy online activation with Freehand License Manager (FLM)
    • 24/7 user access
    • Transfer in seconds
    • Hardware crash protection
  • Dmax® Dye Ink optimized
  • Unlimited US-based Live Tech Support
  • Frequent feature and OS compatibility updates
  • Certify Printer™ enables printing to any printer on Earth*
  • All Black Ink® (ABI) and Select Tank™ (ST) print modes
  • Proof Positive® with Zoom and Pan
  • N-Up™ Nesting saves film
  • Layout allows image placement control on media
  • Save separations as DCS2.eps and .TIF files


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