Decorated Apparel Expo 2024, DAX Kansas City

Saturday, February 24

12:30 pm to 01:50 pm

AI has infiltrated the design world making it easier for anyone to quickly and easily whip up a design in a matter of seconds just by entering a series of words. When it comes to garment decoration though, it doesn’t end there. The generated image my not be the correct size, it will probably be flattened on a background, or the image itself may not be exactly what you want. So now what? That’s where Photoshop comes into play. In this class, Dane will demonstrate the amazing features of the AI program: Midjourney. He’ll show you his tips and tricks for generating images, then modifying the image in Photoshop to properly size it, extract it from the background, and make any other modifications to get to the final image for printing. While Photoshop has always been used to create artwork, Midjourney now makes it a lot quicker and easier to create stunning images in a fraction of the time, and Photoshop lets you make those final edits and put on the finishing touches.

Decorated Apparel Expo 2024, DAX Kansas City

Friday, February 23

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Understanding how to properly create and separate artwork for screen printing is essential to making production more efficient. Join Dane as he discusses the difference between raster and vector art, and how to work with both types using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Learn how to properly set up your art files, and optimize raster artwork. He’ll also discuss the aspects of the pre-production process and how to apply them and separate both types of art for easier production and better prints.