Bronze Membership


Struggling with a particular job or art file? Not sure how to take your customer’s ideas and files and turn them into something that will print well and make them happy? Get expert advice on your specific art question or problem to be able to deliver your job with top quality results.

When you become a Bronze Member, you’ll receive 1 hour of one-on-one, online consultation with Dane Clement.

The Bronze Membership is the first step to learning to create better art. If you are interested in learning how to create quality art that your customers demand, a Bronze Membership will get you started on that journey. Membership fees may be applied toward a Silver or Gold Membership at any time during the membership period (one year from date of purchase).

To help with busy schedules, training will be done in the early evening hours. Schedule your time soon as open slots don’t last long.

Bronze Membership benefits and time, up to 1 full hour, may be used any time in one sitting or as needed, up to one year after date-of-purchase. After the one-year membership period, all membership benefits and unused time will no longer be valid. Bronze Membership benefits are non-transferrable.

Sign up for the Bronze Membership now and unlock your potential for creating outstanding art!