Gold Membership


Ready to take your artwork to new heights? With a Gold Membership, you’ll have 8 hours of exclusive one-on-one online consultation with Dane Clement at your disposal for an entire year. It’s like having his expertise, experience, and artistry right in your back pocket whenever you need it!

The Gold Membership is there to catch you when those tricky art jobs have you in a bind. Tap into Dane’s incredible expertise to tackle specific challenges, develop new skills, or achieve your artistic goals.

To accommodate busy schedules, training sessions are available in the early evening hours. Slots fill up quickly, so don’t wait. Schedule your time now.

Remember, you have the freedom to use your Gold Membership benefits and 8 hours of consulation at any time, as needed, within one year of purchase. After the one-year membership period ends, all membership benefits and any unused time will no longer be valid. Gold Membership benefits are non-transferrable.

Elevate your artistry today by joining the Gold Membership. Get ready to unlock new possibilities and reach your artistic potential!

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