Changing Colors in Photoshop


Mini Course: Changing Colors in Photoshop

Total Length: 16:27

In this 6-part mini-course, you will learn various ways to change colors in Adobe Photoshop. You’ll learn my Go-To techniques for quickly and easily changing colors using different files in varying degrees of complexity.

Learn how to easily create a monochromatic image from any color file. See how to change multiple colors in a design using a simple drop down method of isolating the color you want to adjust. Learn how to use Photoshop selection tools for isolating parts of an image you want to adjust, and then finally, learn a simple technique to draw attention to specific areas of an image that you want to feature by eliminating all the color in the image except for those areas.

All of these techniques are easy to do, easy to remember, and easy to master; you’ll find yourself using them all the time in your day-to-day work.

Included Videos:
  • Introduction: Changing Colors Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Monochromatic Color
  • Lesson 2: Drop Down Color Selection
  • Lesson 3: Multi-Color Drop Down
  • Lesson 4: Selection Tool Color Changes
  • Lesson 5: Selective Color Reveal
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