Creating a Screen Printing Template in CorelDRAW


Mini Course: Creating a Screen Printing Template in CorelDRAW

Total Length: 37:01

In this course, we’ll go through the process of setting up a proper artwork template for your screen printing business. An exercise file will also be provided to follow along.

A good template is more than a template, it’s an integrated registration system throughout your shop. It will streamline the workflow, from the art department, to the screen room and on to the press. Use it to have consistent placement of the art on screens so there’s little time wasted in positioning your screens on press.

You’ll learn how to Setup the Document according to your equipment, we’ll create our own Registration Marks and Grayscale Bar. We’ll add all identifying marks such as customer name, job name, color call outs and mesh counts. Once finished, save your file as a template, and it’s available for all future jobs.


Videos Included:
  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Document Set Up
  • Lesson 2: Creating Registration Mark
  • Lesson 3: Creating Grayscale Bar
  • Lesson 4: Adding Identifying Information
  • Lesson 5: Importing DCS 2.0 Files
  • Lesson 6: Using Templates with Left Chest Designs


Files Included:

Exercise File

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