Top 5 Artwork Tips for DTG Printing

Top 5 Artwork Tips for DTG Printing

Dane Clement has been an art guru for over 20 years and his passion for educating is no secret. This webinar was created to help you break through design hurdles and have you producing the ultimate artwork for your customers with ease! Dane will give you tips and tricks and share insider secrets that help you create killer designs from the very first print. Create the art you want — quickly, efficiently, and with confidence.

  • Learn how to create clean, scalable art — any size and any output
  • See why Photoshop® is the industry standard in digital art creation
  • Easily identify your customer’s art file type
  • Discover the difference between hi-res and low-res
  • Prevent banding in your art

If you’re new to printing DTG, don’t miss out on Dane’s newest book, Artwork for DTG. This book expands on even more details and ways to create art for DTG printing, with easy referencing — right at your fingertips!

No matter your printing method, Dane has you covered! Check out the other available resources and get ready to build your skills.

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